FMP- evaluation + Peer Feedback


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Initial Designs:




I made the final FMP showreel on Adobe Spark.

Having researched different layouts, colour schemes and styles of existing posters, such as war posters.

I went to the Imperial War Museum to gather primary research of the war posters to see the layouts and colour schemes used. I took inspiration from my primary poster research to help with my Captain America poster as I wanted it too have the style of a vintage war propaganda poster.

These are the final posters for my FMP. I made them all on Photoshop, and wanted to make sure they had different styles but had something that connected them all to each other so I used a red coloured scheme on each poster. The Star Wars poster contains the main headgear from the three main characters of ‘The Force Awakens’ which means it is recognisable to a viewer that belongs to that franchise. I have also added a logo in the corner.

The Captain America poster has been designed to look like a war poster, to fit the setting of WW2 which is where the first instalment is set. I also finished my Aladdin poster and used mainly blues and pinks to suit the theme of the movie using contrasting colours to show the difference between the good and evil characters such as placing Jafar at the top of the poster.

I decided to make the posters digitally rather than using traditional poster methods such as painting or inking as I knew that it would take a few developments of changing the layout of the posters to get it to a design that I would be happy with which is easier to change digitally.

I completed all of the posters on Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator, I used mainly the brush pen and the pen tool to create the artwork itself. To help save time I used  hue/saturation to adjust the colours of the poster without having to re-paint the artwork again.

Screen Shot 2017-05-23 at 13.32.23

Overall I am pleased with the final designs of the posters, and the colour schemes of each, as they all link together as they all use red in their colour schemes. The concept of the original idea meant that originally I was going to design the posters as if they were using the double exposure effect, but I decided it would look more professional if they were digitally painted.  This meant that I changed the animation style from a 3D camera movement to a slight parallax movement of the background to give the illusion of a 3D effect. This animation could be used at bus shelters to advertise the release of the films.

I animated each poster using the parallax method to give a slight movement of the poster to make the project more interactive. Originally I wanted to have 4 of the posters up on the exhibition but as I was given an A1 equivalent of space, this meant that I could only have the main 13 x A3 posters up.

Health and Safety – Risk Assessment

When I am making my FMP I will be using software such as Photoshop and After Effects. During this process I need to make sure that I am aware of the health and safety aspects when it comes to looking at a monitor screen and working at the desk.

  • Make sure the desk is big enough for the equipment such as the monitor, keyboard and mouse.
  • Make sure the desk is adjustable to the user to make sure they are sitting comfortable.
  • Take breaks from looking at the monitor every 30 mins to avoid eye strain and headaches.
  • Keep eye level at the same height as the monitor screen.
  • Avoid sitting in the same position for long periods of time to avoid strain.
  • Keep good posture whilst working at a desk, with an adjustable chair.


Animating the posters : 

I used Photoshop to animate them as it was the simplest form of software to animate them with. I had separated all of the posters layers from their backgrounds so that I could keep the background moving.  I used the ‘position’ tool on the motion tab and then created key frames to where I wanted the movement to begin and stop. I then selected the background layer and dragged it to the position where I wanted it to move to.

I then exported each animation and imported it into After Effects so that I could put the three animations on the same screen and make them loop.  I used a mask to crop out the black edges of the animation so that the posters itself are only visible.  I then used the grid on after effects to make the videos line up with each other so that the videos are organised. I duplicated each of the animations to make a short 12 second loop of them.






Screen Shot 2017-06-05 at 13.25.18.png

Screen Shot 2017-06-05 at 13.33.53.png


The Exhibition 


For the exhibition I will need a monitor to put the short animation on and I will need to put the three A3 posters up on the wall in a straight line, preferably with the monitor beneath it. I will have to print each of the posters on A3 paper and then spray mount it to foam board which will then be stuck to the exhibition wall. The foam board was cut by using cutting knifes and a ruler to cut a straight edge along the sides.

There will also be a showreel that will be played on a loop on a TV screen with other students showreels for the end of year show. I will be editing part of this showreel with another one of my classmates to make this. The showreel will contain a 30 second reel of work from each student on their FMP.

I have made my showreel on Adobe Spark and shown various parts of my development process for this project such as my earlier drawings that I did on paper. The showreel shows my development from the early stages to the final product. There will also be another monitor in the room that will show the animation that I had produced by animating parts of the posters.

Peer Feedback:

The peer feedback that I got reviewing my exhibition was generally positive. The only thing that was touched on was the layout of the logos in the corner of the star wars one in particular as it was very close to the edge. This is what I would change if I was to redo the posters.

“Very striking posters that have a good colour scheme, and communicate very well, really loved how you added digtal interaction with the posters, shows good development, and the art really meets the films, they look great, only slight improvement would be to looks sometimes little off other than that love the film posters.”



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