FMP Treatment

Graphical Motion Film Posters

For my FMP I am going to make a series of alternative film posters that I will design digitally. The films that I have chosen are Aladdin, Captain America and Jurassic Park. All of the posters will have a theme running through each of them e.g. that they will have multiple layers to the poster that I will design using Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator. Each of the posters will have a different colour scheme that links to the genre of the film

I will make a short show reel to show the process of each of the posters such as the initial outline to the final poster. I will make this using Adobe Spark as it creates a short animation video. This will be 30 seconds long.

I hope to animate each poster using Adobe After Effects. The style of animation that I originally wanted to produce included using a 3D camera that will go into the posters different layers  e.g. background, foreground and then a middle layer. The camera will give the appearance that the poster is 3D even though it is just made up of 2D flat images. Each animation will be 20 seconds max, depending on the speed of the camera. The animated versions of the posters could be used on bus shelters. At the end of the animation sequence, the title of the film e.g. for Aladdin, its title will appear at the end to advertise the poster.

Due to the time schedule I may choose to animate part of the 3 poster and create a short loop of the poster background moving.The designs that I will produce will all be my own artworks/ that I have painted myself on photoshop using a Wacom tablet. I will still have produced 3 x Animations that will each be under 15 seconds.

The target audience of this project ranges from 7-30 years of age due to the range of movies e.g. aladdin will appeal more to the younger audiences. I will present my project to the target audience by hanging the posters in static form on the wall in a A3 size, whilst having the animated version of the posters on a monitor beside the posters.



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