Website Portfolio plan/ Flowchart

In order to make my portfolio website, I will have numerous pages that will be linking to each other that I will link in Adobe Dreamweaver.

The first page will have a background image of either a screen shot from one of the animations or motion graphic that I have made, and with a title e.g. Hello, or Welcome. The user will click the heading which will take the user to the main homepage which will have multiple headings of work that I have done e.g. animations, drawings, sound.

When the user clicks onto the headings e.g. animations, the webpage will take the user to a new page that contains all of the work that I have done to do with animations. This will also happen for the other headings. The layout of the page will have a grid system to display the work in a good layout.

The website itself will hopefully use a scroll layout to make the website more modernised and have a good navigation. I may make a looped video of an ‘showreel’ that could play in the back of the website of the work that I have done.

When the user chooses a type of work e.g. RIAS posters, the page will show the jpg. files of the posters, with more in-depth information about the development process of the poster itself e.g. how it was made.


Screen Shot 2017-02-21 at 12.52.53.png


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