Planning Single Camera Production


Initial Concepts for Film Noir




Talent, roles,characters, equipment,locations, props/costumes,script

Location Reece




Call sheets

Planning what I will do during filming and editing 

Production Schedule

Health and Safety

Risk Assessment 

Production Process

Shot List 

Shot Logging List Day 1

Shot Logging List Day 2

Daily Production report day 1

Daily Production schedule Day 2

My Post-Production Process/Diary Log 

Improvements to trailer

After reviewing with my group, we decided on adjusting a few elements of the trailer such as shortening this scene down.


We also decide to adjust the scene of the running scene as in the first shot the audience could see them start to run, so we decided to cut it a bit so the audience will see them already running.


I cut the scenes on Adobe After Effects by dragging the files individual bar, and then dragged it to where we wanted the scene to start/end.


Feedback on final trailer 

This is the feedback that we got  from peers about the film noir trailer that we made:

  • Music is intense and suspenseful
  • Music changed depending on scene, tempo also changes depending on scene.
  • Fast cuts-good atmosphere
  • Thrilling mood
  • Fake blood was convincing
  • Natural lighting
  • Props and costumes were relevant
  • Use of review
  • No voice over
  • Very clear
  • Variety of camera angles
  • Easy to know whats going on
  • Does not show much of the story which is good.
  • Good props and costumes with decent acting.
  • Horror type of feel due to the sound.






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