Maya Render Settings

Export in maya:

individual frames (Stills)

Before we render out video as stills,

Factors:size,length of video,  file type, PNG (alpha channel),

View-camera settings, resolution gate,

Render settings-render layer  – master layer-

renderer-maya software

image format – PNG

Frame / animation ext– name(hashtag) . ext

Frame Padding – 1- 99 , 2-99, 3-999

No more than 2- 3 frame padding

Responsible for the amount of frames rendering out at the end of the ext.

frame range

Start frame 1,000

End frame  350.000

Renderable camera Persp

Alpha channel mask TICK

Depth channel TICK

Image size HD540 / HD1080

resolution 72

Rendering menu top left

Menu bar– render

Batch render – click on square box to the side of it

BATCH RENDER (Image folder in maya directory)

Images folder

-images in png folder


copy and paste PNGS in new folder

Move folder into after effects folder.

In After Effects

New comp

Make new folder in after effects

import files

PNG Sequence

put as composition

re interpret frames rate 

interpret footagemainframe rate (match as after effects motion graphic frame rate)

With a light


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