Changes to interactive media technology


  • CD-Roms- broadband speed fast, internet accessible
  • How interaction changed
  • Computer – phone portable computer
  • Accessibility through smart phones


Interactive media authoring has changed in recent years  due to the invention of interactive systems such as computers, mobile phones and interactive TV as forms of entertainment. The invention of these systems means that older forms of entertainment such as CD-Roms have become obsolete as TV shows and Movies are easily accessed through the use of On-Demand TV and the internet. This means that there is a larger audience of people that use streaming websites such as Netflix in order to get instant TV shows and Movies, and websites such as YouTube means that music videos is also easily accessible for free.

Broadband speeds have become much faster which means that internet access becomes much faster and easier to stream music, video and web pages. Interactive TV is widely used as an entertainment due to its features of On-Demand features such as recording live shows and the access of various box-sets of TV shows and movies.

Although the invention of smart phones mean that the users have access to thousands of apps which changes the norm to make sure company’s  have a app version of their website due to the fact that the internet is accessible faster on a phone (as the vast majority have a phone on them all the time) than starting up a computer to view a website.







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