Motion Graphic Feedback

Trial Motion Graphic


I made my trial motion graphic which is to advertise an artists (Michael Craig-Martin) exhibition.

After the feedback that I had received from my peers was that the beginning of the animation suited the style of the artist whereas the rest of it did not have the feel of the artists style as the artist uses recognisable colours and famous paintings. In my final motion graphic I will use a cleaner font, and emphasize the 3D element in the animation.

Screen Shot 2016-12-07 at 14.20.28.pngScreen Shot 2016-12-07 at 14.20.35.png

To create the 3D element in the motion graphic, I had used Maya as the chosen software in order to create the cup. Firstly I created a cylinder using the ‘Polygon’ tool. I then scaled it up using the ‘Scale’ Tool. Then I ‘Right-clicked’ to go to to the menu, which I then selected the ‘face’ option which allowed me to select individual faces of the cylinder. I selected the top face, and then deleted it so then it had an opening which is what the cup looked like in Michael Craig-Martins artwork.


These are the individual artworks that I have included in my motion graphic which are all artworks by Michael Craig-Martin. I have used a range of animation techniques as well as using 3D techniques to create a fluid motion graphic.



When  creating my animation section for the painting of the socket by Michael Craig-Martin I used Adobe After Effects.




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