Film Noir Task 3 – Pre-Production (Roles)

My Role: Main editor/ Lighting

Lists of my responsibilities on this production:

I will be in charge of the main task of editing the raw footage that my group will film on location. This footage will be transferred from the memory card each filming day to my computer. There will be three files- rushes,exports and project that I will have when editing the trailer.

The rushes folder will have the individual clips of the footage that my group has filmed. The exports folder will have the finalised trailer in, exported in the QuickTime movie. The project folder will have the saved software file that I will use to cut the footage together such as After Effects or Adobe Premiere Pro.

I will also help during the filming process. I will stand by the equipment when it is on location such as reflectors,cameras and bags etc, and be the lighting crew by holding the lighting in specific areas for each shot.

My group will also be involved in the edit, as they will help with sound and SFX that will be put in the trailer. They will also contribute to the trailer as they will help decide what shots are put into the trailer.


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