Film Noir Task 1 – Development

In order to create my Film Noir , I must come up with various concepts for the film to develop its characters and plot, in order to to help create the final film.


Concept 1- Homicide 

The Golden Butterfly

Dead body under tree, foot prints leading off by the tree, – one male and one female detectives discuss victims injuries such as marks around neck. Detectives are told that the footprints are of a size 8, from forensic investigator.

House interior – victims daughter is interviewed by same detectives (close ups of each character ) victims daughter is in distress, one detective takes a look around the house and notices size 8 shoes that match the footprints found at crime scene (clue).

A scene of male suspect being chased by the investigators on street.

Concept 2 – Homicide

The Red Lipstick Murders

Starts with a trail of blood leading to dead body, male detective looks at various evidence such as blood on victims hand.

(Edit of young woman running in a forest-like  area, edit cuts to black every few seconds, and then resumes shot of running) river, running, looking back, close up of a knife from the person who is chasing her with blood dripping from this persons hand.

Cuts to detectives at the scene of the same woman who was running, who is found dead with multiple stab wounds with the initials of B.D written in red lipstick, on her arm. The detectives get another call of there being another victim with the same initials written in red lipstick.

The detectives find a wallet with the details of the first female victim. They interview her mother and later find out that the two victims were best friends. They find motive for the murders as their suspect is an ex-boyfriend of the first victim.

Close up of the suspect looking out of a skyline of the town.








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