Weather App treatment, market research and authoring

Target Audience

I have chosen to design a weather app. This app is aimed for young adults (16-25) who have an interest in planets and the weather. The design of the app will feature planets which show the weather design. For example if the weather is rain, a moon icon (which will be created on Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop ) will have rain droplets as the background along with a coloured gradient. The numerical representation of the temperature in degrees  will feature in the planet itself. The app will have a hourly weather update e.g. showing  a graph with the upcoming weather for the rest of the day.  As the app is not aimed at young children, the design will have a more ‘grown-up’ feel to it such as the designs being more realistic than ‘clip art looking’. There will also be in depth information about the weather such as precipitation and moon phase, which will be a feature that will be accessed from the hourly weather forecast by swiping upwards.The app will appeal to the older audience as the design is modern looking and includes in-depth information about the weather such as date, hourly weather, moon phase, wind direction e.g. This information with the clean UI design and modernised icons is what will appeal to the older audience rather than young children as the interface does not contain more cartoonistic character designs, and more softer colours.

Legal and ethical considerations

If the app is designed for a specific target audience such as teenage boys than it must be ethically appropriate for teenage girls. My app will be ethically appropriate for my target audience as it will use appropriate language e.g. universally acceptable language without using profanity or offensive language.

Privacy & Data protection- This is similar in the way of the IP adress in the sense that whatever data is being stored it needs to be protected so that it does not cause  a breach in this information

IP address- The app will require the location of the user, the user can input this using their location, and also by IP address. The app has to make sure it logs this information securely to prevent a breach in this information from it being hacked.

Google Maps- If my app was to use google maps I would have to license this and pay Google money in order for my app to be able to use the maps for the location part of the weather app.

Met Office- The weather information will need to be from the Met office. The Met office will need to have been given money in order for the app to be allowed to get the specific information legally.

Outcome of Market Research


From my market research there are specific features that the app is defined by its UI which is :

An icon of the weather e.g. cloud, sunny, rain

A 5 day forecast e.g. Monday-Friday

A verbal example of the weather e.g. Partly cloudy

A picture of the location of the user e.g. London Eye

A more in depth section about the weather e.g. Timeline showing when  is it most cloudy, precipitation, wind direction.

A Temperature gauge e.g. 21 degrees / Fahrenheit

A colour scheme depending on the weather and time of day  e.g. light blue for sunny weather, dark moody colours for lightning.

A Sunset / sunrise time

Moon Phase

The sonic assets that feature in weather apps normally are related to the type of weather condition that it happening at that present time, for example rain sounds for when it is raining, thunder for when it is stormy weather. The app may also feature other sounds for other parts of the interface e.g. when clicking on another feature or as background music that features on the app.

The interactivity of weather apps can sometimes be overcrowded in the sense that there are too many pages/ information which crowds the screen and which causes to many clicks on the screen. In the app that I will design, I am to minimise the amount of information on the app as well as make the interactivity optimize for the user.

The app that I am planning to make will feature multiple planets that will show as the weather e.g. if it is raining , the planet e.g. the moon  will be raining .There will be different planets for different weathers. This app is designed for teenagers and upwards  so the UI will have more technical language but will still remain simple as it is not a scientific app as such, compared to a weather app designed for  pilots.



BBC Weather

This app has the main weather icon as the biggest icon on the page, which has its layout this way as the users eye is drawn to the left hand side automatically thus being the first thing that the user sees. The background changes depending on the weather condition, as there are clouds that are at the top of the screen which shows that its cloudy. This is an interface element that I will include in my own app.

Image result for bbc weather

Apple Weather

Image result for weather app apple




Borders/Margins/Gutters- make sure all the important information fits on the screen using a grid system to layout the information. If the design of the app is wrong, the information on the screen could be lost as it would not fit on the screen itself.

Rule of Thirds- When designing the app, I will take into account of the rule of thirds as it states that it allows the design to flow better as it is lays out the image/design in a much smoother way using a grid to even out the proportion.

Image result for rule of thirds app


Composition– Negative Space- when the space around the object creates an illusion of another image e.g. her hair creates the outline of the bear. Negative space helps layout as it can change the way it makes people look at the design psychologically. Depending on where the negative space is it can shift a persons perspective to a certain space on the design.

Colour Scheme (Adobe Colour)- the colour scheme should be linked to the type of app for example a sports app would have green and blue colours to symbolise a heathy lifestyle. My app will have blue,black,purple as the main colours as it links to space and creates a mysterious atmosphere.

Type/ Font– Size, style, lettering design.

Point of Interest– Most important piece of information on the screen. The layout of the app should be designed in a way that it directs the users attention to the most important piece on the screen.


App Authoring

Authoring is the process of building and designing an app interface for devices, in any media format that can use sound, animations or buttons. Mobile formats of authoring take advantage of its features and design such as the screen orientation , GPS features and touchscreen.

When authoring the app it is necessary to take into account the file size, download time and memory of the file as well as the device in order to allow the app to run as its fastest.There are tools that can make creative interactive media such as mediator which uses a series of buttons that makes a presentation-style format, that links to specific pages. Dreamweaver is another use of software that creates a website which can be accessed by a browser.

The first principle of media authoring is that the person should plan what product that they wish to make, and thus make a deadline for the product to make sure that they stay on schedule. Design is another essential step when creating a interactive media product starting by hand drawing the layout and then digitizing this. Then creating the product itself e.g. if it is a website then the buttons and links should be put together so that it works, (implementation). Testing is essential as it allows you to get feedback from the audience and that any areas of the product can be adjusted ( layout, UI ) to make sure the app is the best it can be. Make sure you evaluate your work and to get reviews from other people to see what you can review and improve elements of the product.





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