Motion graphic treatment/pitch

My 15 second motion graphic will be produced using Adobe After Effects to create the animation itself. I will also be using Adobe Photoshop and Maya software to help make the images transparent if I need them to be and to create a 3D element that will feature in the motion graphic itself. The motion graphic will be created to show and advertise to the audience the Michael Craig-Martin exhibition is being held through the use of various paintings that he has produced.

The genre of my motion graphic is of an advertising genre as its purpose is to advertise the exhibition of Michael Craig-Martin to the target audience of females aged 18-30 years old. The main demographic that the motion graphic is aimed at are people that are either aware of the artist Michael Craig-Martin or that frequently go to art galleries such as the Tate Modern in particular.

The age demographic is ranging from females from 18-30 years old. I have designed my motion graphic to attract the intended demographic by featuring the bright complementary colours that Michael-Craig Martin uses throughout his artworks such as bright pink and blue. The motion graphic will be modern in the way that the artworks will be presented such as using a gallery setting and then animating the individual artworks such as the shoe that he made.


These are the colours that I will hope to use in my motion graphic as these are the colours that Michael Craig Martin uses in his artworks so this will link him to the motion graphic. The timeline shows how his art style had changed over the years. My motion graphic will aim to show multiple artworks that the artist has produced to advertise him to the viewer in order for them to go to the exhibition.


The animation itself will consist of the artworks by Michael Craig-Martin.  The colours in this will be bright colours to link with Michael work.The motion graphic will consist of individual artworks by the artist, each having a different element to have animated on each picture.The idea for my motion graphic is that I will use a range of techniques that I have learnt during my animation tests and use this in the motion graphic that advertises his variety of paintings and artwork using these techniques and transitions.

I hope to use various art styles of the artists work such as his line drawings and well as the more brightly coloured paintings that he made. The animation style that I will use will differ throughout the motion graphic, as well as the colours that I put in the motion graphic depending on what art is being shown e.g. if its one of the more colourful paintings then I will put more brightly saturated colours such as pinks and oranges.

I will have different sections to my motion graphic such as the beginning which will contain 3  different artworks from the artist Michael Craig-Martin, from which will be animated using different animation techniques such as frame by frame. Then I will have another segment which will contain the 3D element of the cup and then another segment which will end the motion graphic which will contain the details of the motion graphic such as the date, time, and place of the exhibition so that the audience can see these details clearly in the motion graphic. The audio soundtrack that I will use will be modern in the sense that the sound will be of the electronic genre to link to the modernist genre and to suit the setting of the Tate Modern.

Techniques that I will use in the Motion Graphic:

  • 3D camera movement in After Effects on the ‘gallery’ scene to give a fluid movement.
  • 3D camera movement within Maya to animate the camera moving around the 3D model of the cup.
  • Frame-by-frame animation.
  • Mask animation using a ‘Stroke’ effect, in After Effects.
  • 3D model of the cup from Michael Craig-Martins ‘An Oak Tree’
  • Text animation e.g. an affect to make the text look as if it is moving.
  • A colour changing background that features the colours used in Michael Craig-Martins artworks. I have used the eyedropper tool on Photoshop and then clicked a selection of the colours that are used in the different paintings.

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