Motion Graphic Artist Research


Michael Craig-Martin

He was born in Dublin in 1941, and studied at Yale school of art in the USA studying fine art.Michael Craig martin is a contemporary- conceptual artist and painter  who’s work consists of bright colours often creating a pop-art theme throughout his work.

His paintings consist of household objects such as books, technology and and bold typography. I have chosen this artist to use for my motion graphic animation, as I will include his work along with bright colours when animating the motion graphic.





I will choose to feature  60’s pop music playing as the music track in the final animation to link to his work, as it is the time where his work was most popular.



‘An Oak Tree’ This is the most famous artwork of Michael Craig-Martin. It is a glass of water on a glass shelf  but there are arguments ( which accompany this) explaining why it is in fact an Oak tree. This piece of artwork will feature in my motion graphic, perhaps as the end screen which advertises the place and time to where his artwork will be featured. This may be the 3D element that I include in the motion graphic as it is quite simple to make on maya.


My motion graphic will show various artworks of his while advertising the exhibition using various text and a 3D element which is what will be made in Maya which will be the cup of water ‘An Oak Tree’. The animation techniques that I will use will include liquid animation e.g. frame by frame drawings that resemble those of liquids, and also kinetic animations which is commonly used in animating text.





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