Warburtons Animation Evaluation

The Warburton’s animation was created using Adobe After Effects and Adobe Photoshop. Firstly multiple sketches had been drawn of the assets such as the characters,props and scenes that would feature in the animation.

During the design process I had a conscious decision in making sure that the bagels had a distinct design to them in order for the target audience to recognise the thin bagel which is why the thin bagel is slightly smaller in bone structure. I also wanted the bagels to be personified in order for the target audience to identify with them; the thin bagel has a younger, happier appearance in order for the viewers to cheer the thin bagel which is ultimately the product which is being promoted throughout the animation opposed to the regular bagel which has an intimidating appearance to appear to be more confident, as it is well-known and it is seen as old competition whereas the thin bagels have just been introduced and are therefore new, fresh competition, which are stronger and end up winning the competition. The thin bagel is able to hold the weight bar with only one hand which shows the audience that if you eat a thin bagel it is not stodgy and therefore will not cause you to fall asleep, it will give you energy and thus make you alert, as there are fewer calories in thin bagels as opposed to the regular bagels.

I made the animation assets using photoshop to digitally create the original drawings that had first been done on paper such as backgrounds and the bagels themselves. When digitising the assets it was important to have any elements such as the eyes or arms on a separate layer in order to be able to animate them. When animating the eyes of the bagel, I had them on a separate layer compared to the layer of the body and background. I then used the transform tool ‘position’ and then moved the eye using the mouse. The software would fill in the gaps -‘inbetweening’ for example: if the eye was moved to the left at the beginning of the scene and needed to end up at the right at the end, the software would fill in the frames to create a a smooth transition from the right to the left (if the start and end points were still inputed using the position tool in After Effects). For the thin bagel, I was able to animate the arm using the ‘puppet pin tool’ which allows you to select parts of the arm that creates joints which creates a more realistic movement of the arm when it is waving.

The colours that were primarily used in the animation is blue,orange and red. The blue and orange tones feature in this animation is because they are also subtly promoting Warburton products as the blue is the blue that is featured on the blue packaging of the bread loaf and the orange tones are symbolic of the bagels themselves and of the Warburton’s logo.The advert appeals to the target audience as the smaller bagel which is seen as weaker competition is a female which ends up winning the competition, which is what the target audience will identify with. The advert is set in a stereotypically male dominated sport of weightlifting. Having the main character as a female will attract the target audience as it will gather more attention and thus be more memorable as this type of dynamic is not seen that often in adverts.The text at the start of the animation, the font that was used mimics the properties of a bagel, as the setting of the animation is during the bagel olympics. The font of the ‘Thin’ text is personified to match its characteristic, as is the ‘regular’ text as it is bolder than the ‘Thin’ text.

Screen Shot 2016-06-10 at 14.54.15.png              Screen Shot 2016-06-10 at 14.54.21.png


Screen Shot 2016-06-10 at 14.54.25.png

To increase the popularity of the advert, the hashtag ‘boltonthebagel’ is placed at the end of the advert so that the advert can be shared on social media such as Facebook and Twitter. The more views that the advert gets it increases the possibility of the advert going viral which would increase the sales of the thin bagels. The animation has received positive feedback on social media, as the response has mainly said that they find the animation humorous and easy to follow as it is only 30 seconds. If I had the chance to do this animation again, I would add more detail in some of the scenes as it would increase the adverts to a higher professional standard.

The soundtrack was used from the Youtube audio library. The track was chosen as the tempo of the piano notes are humorous while still creating tension and atmosphere as the setting is an olympic competition so the theme of tension can be portrayed throughout the animation . The music engages the target audience which makes them want to see the outcome of the advert. When the advert is played it will attract the audience of younger children as well as the desired target audience of females aged 20-45 due to the cartoonist look to the overall animation and the ‘cute’ look to the bagel characters, the fact that the main character is female, and due to the family-friendly atmosphere of the advert; the percentage of the target audience that are mothers will be more likely to watch the advert with their children and thus be more likely to buy the product.

The animatic that  I had made previously is different to the final animation as I had added a few more scenes and changed the designs of the bagels to fit the overall theme of the animation. I am happy with the result of my animation as the characters and scenes create an overall atmosphere that reflects the target audience and brief. If I could improve anything I would have put in a few transition frames to make the exchanges between the character scenes much smoother. Another adjustment that I would make would be to make the lines of the characters neater as the outlines of the characters bodies are more sketch-like, so if the lines were much cleaner the animation would look more professional but may loose its unique style as a result.







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