Warburtons Treatment Animation


Our animation idea for the Warburtons advert is that it takes place during the Rio Bagel Olympics 2016. A fat bagel is competing against the new Warburtons thin bagel in a weightlifting match, the thin bagel wins as it is faster, younger and quicker . The thin bagel is better at all of the sports.

The Warburtons bagel wins, the fat bagel is well-known and the thin bagel is new competition. At the end of the race it cuts to the Warburtons logo on a blank screen with the hashtag Bolton the Bagel (thin bagel) to help get the advert known and shared on social media.

The messages of this advert:

  •  Don’t have to feel like eating a regular bagel to feel strong enough to start the day.
  •  Eating the thin bagel gives you more energy without making you feel sleepy.
  • Thin bagel has less calories, so it is better for your health.
  •  Eating a thin bagel makes you feel strong whereas a regular bagel can make you bloated and tired.
  • Female bagel is stronger even if it is seen to be weaker, even if it is smaller and thinner.
  • Can still be fit while eating bagels,as they are newer and better for your health.
  • Women can be strong too.
  • Weightlifting is stereotypically a male dominated sport, having the setting as a weightlifting match featuring a female bagel will attract more attention as it is not something that is seen very often, which will make sure that the advert is memorable.




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