Warburtons Bagel Animation Advert Idea

The final idea for the Warburtons advert advertising thin bagels, to the audience of 20-40 year old females surrounds the theme of sport, health and fitness.

The premise of the story involves the regular bagels competing against the newer, fitter thin bagels in a race. This will appeal to the target audience as the story surrounds fitness which ultimately helps promote the bagels as the thin bagels are healthier for you due to there being less calories in them which is why the thin bagels end up winning the race.  The thin bagel will be from the Warburtons team from Bolton, whereas the competition, (the regular bagels) are the New York Bagel Company team from NYC, who are much slower in pace as they are old (outdated) compared to the newer versions of the thin bagels who are much faster.

As the Warburton thin bagel wins it promotes the use of repeated consumption as it shows that you can still be healthy while eating these bagels as their calories are much less compared to the New York Bagel Company, and it helps promote the Warburtons company and that the target audience should stick with Warburtons instead of switching to the New York Bagel Company.



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