HUD Interface Design Evaluation



I am happy with the overall outcome of my HUD. The collective theme of the HUD has the result that was intended as the icons are futuristic, modern and clear. The main look that I wanted the HUD icons to be was clear and readable which important when dealing with video games but more so in the car game genre, as I found out during my research of real car dashboards and existing car games. I used guidelines to help arrange the icons so they all would match up and would be the same size, but also helped me arrange them in a way that they would not be obstructive on the screen to the player in a way that would affect their game play.

From the brief to the final product of my HUD the design process has changed a lot. The designs that I had at the start are vastly different to the final HUD. The trial and error process of experimenting with different icons and pairing them with other icons to see how they would look together. This helped me with the design process because this meant that I could eliminate the elements of the icons that did not work or that looked outdated, and from that I could create another icon bearing in mind to not include a section of its design that ultimately did not look right. For example, the speedometer originally began as a rectangular shape with just a gradient to show the increase in acceleration. The circular shape that is now the speedometer still incorporates the gradient effect to show varying speeds but also uses the pointer and dashes; thus showing that the early designs of the icons still had an influence in the final outcome in some way.

My approach to the design process was that I had drawn up multiple designs of the icons e.g. fuel gauge. Then I selected a few that looked the most professional and the ones that worked well for the theme and brief. From then I refined the icons till I was happy with the final result of the icons, and that I was confident that they worked together and that they were clear to the target audience that they were designed in a way that let the audience know what the icons were and what their purpose was. The fuel gauge was inspired from the real icon used in cars today, but I drew sharp edges to fit my theme of futurism.

If I had the chance to re-do this brief and to change or improve the HUD and its icons, I would make adjustments to the map icon. I would perhaps include some pointers/indication to the whereabouts of the player on the screen as well as the other competitors in the game e.g. an arrow showing the players position on the map.


These are my final designs and colour schemes for each of the teams. Each teams colour scheme varies in the colours that I used for the pallete  to make sure they appeal to all, as everyone has different preferences to different colours. The colours vary in saturation and tone to make sure that they appeal to the target audience as a whole.These designs were created for each of the individual teams for my HUD. I went with the idea of using strong, powerful animals/beings to use as logos. As the game is a car genre, I thought it was best for the logos to be animal centered as they are universally known and also represent power and strength which is also representative of car races and competitions.


I used the paintbrush tool in illustrator to create the dragon. By using the pen tool I was able to clean up some of the lines as it allows you to draw straight lines. The live paint bucket allowed me to fill the lines in black which is the outcome I wanted.


For the wolf design I used a a photo of the drawing that I first made, and then using the image trace tool, it converted the picture to a combination of paths and shapes. This  is time-saving and precise. Using the pen tool to change the path ending or adding/removing paths.Screen Shot 2016-01-29 at 15.49.48



Screen Shot 2016-01-29 at 15.49.43.pngScreen Shot 2016-01-29 at 15.50.01.png








For the shark design I used Adobe Illustrator and used the pen tool to create the black lines and then also using the live paint bucket tool to fill in the lines black. If I were to re create these designs I would use the same technique that I had used t create the wolf design because it is easier to digitalise the drawing than primarily drawing the design as the process is quite time consuming but it also meant that the end result has a much cleaner result.


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