Audio Sound Loops Evaluation

The audio loops that I created for my video game were created using the combination of Adobe Audition, , and Garageband with the addition of my own recording of environmental sounds.

From my research of previous car games such as split second, it became clear that the qualities of the ambient loops that I would be producing would have to be fast in tempo with an primary music loop featuring synthesized sounds and a beat to show the tempo of the race. I would also need to add other ambient sounds to show that the race is set in London, such as horns, engine sounds and cheering from the spectators. In addition I also included environmental sounds that can be heard in the second loop to give it depth.

The first loop is meant for a level near the beginning of the game where there are more players participating in the level, this is why there are more car sounds heard in this loop than in the second loop. I also made a conscious decision to make the individual sound files to be varying in volume and to make adjustments to the left and right ear wavelength to give a sense of dimension and reality. The manipulation of these factors mimic the Doppler Effect ‘in which the wavelength of sound changes the pitch or frequency of a sound’; Thus giving the game an extra element of dimension and to avoid the programmed feel of the loop itself.

I found that using garageband to create a sound loop of just musical instruments was difficult as I experimented with different loops in garageband but I found that they lacked rhythm and interest. Instead I used as it has a large collection of individual loops which can be built upon to create a layered loop. Although I did not use garageband  for the music to feature in the background, I used its collection of sound effect synthesizers for the rain effects and also the 3 beeps at the beginning of the second loop to signify the countdown to the race.

Adobe Audition was useful in ordering and layering the loops as a whole. It was helpful in cutting sections of the audio file out if it was a disturbance in the file. I also added reverb to some of the files to give depth and to make sure that the file sounded real, removing the false feel of a recorded sound.

If I was to recreate my loop I would add more layers to the music loops in the background to make it seem more professional in the sense of the game being produced by a large team. I would also add more of my own recordings into the loops to make it more of my own and the fact that using, it does not have all of the sounds that you may want to put in your own loop; whereas recording your own sound means you can put the right file into your game that you originally wanted. I would also create more tension and atmosphere in the sound loops as the ones I created are at a moderate tempo; however if I had created the loops at a higher tempo and include more engine sounds/ crash sounds then it would create a higher volume of tension which would be more suitable, as the element of tension and atmosphere are the main qualities that are featured in a racing game.



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