Investigating real car dashboards, Branding Copyright and Intellectual property law.









This car dashboard has a fuel gauge to show how much petrol the car has in it. Its useful as it lets the driver know when they need to fill up the car again as it is at risk of not having any petrol left in it.There is a bigger dial to show the speed of the car and uses a pointer feature to  show accurately at which speed the driver is going at.The dial on the  far right indicates the temperature of the water in the  car, its useful to let the driver know if the engine is overheating or is in fact in danger of freezing as this can be a hazard to the driver.

Image result for car dashboard fuel gauge

The fuel gauge is necessary to show the driver how much fuel is left in the car. The dial that shows the fuel gauge is usually circular in shape.








This car dashboard there is dial for the boost of the engine. On the dial there is a somewhat futuristic design to the icon and it also includes words in conjunction with the numbers. This dial is useful in real life because, on some dials is can be confusing as to what the dial can represent. Thus this clear approach to the dial ensures the clarity of the drivers understanding. I may incorporate this design of using words along with numbers in my dials as it makes sure the user can understand the function of the dial.






This car dashboard has the speedometer as the central focus but in the corner the date and time is shown, although this is an obvious function to have on a car dashboard a surprising around of them do not include the time/date on the main dashboard. In my game it could be useful to use it as a time gauge to see how much time the user has left to complete the track.


This dashboard has a milometer that counts how many miles the car does. This is useful to the driver as it shows  how many miles the car has done overall, and it can be useful as it helps to decide how old the engine is and therefore when the engine will need to be replaced. I could use this function in my own game as it would incorporate the real-life element of the game itself.


This icon that is seen on dashboards, is an icon for braking. This is useful to the user to slow down their speed as it could be a danger to them and any other passengers in the car at the time.



  The fuel gauge icon shows how much fuel there is in the engine. I may use this icon in one shape or form in my own fuel gauge design as it is universally recognizable and very clear.



Branding Copyright and Intellectual Property Law

Intellectual property refers to the creations of the mind such as designs, artwork, symbols and names. Intellectual property is protected by law by using trademarks and copyright. Without this copyright and protection of the work, the work can possibly be stolen or used as someone else’s. This is why we cannot use real-life car companies, car teams and team sponsorship in our video game as their work is protected by this branding and IP law, using well-known car brands and companies would lead to copyright infringement, as it would break the terms of their copyright as a team such as ‘Mclarren’ is a brand, using this brand as your own will lead to breaking the copyright law.

In my own video game I cannot include real-life brands or sponsors in the game due to the IP law. If I was to name one of my own car teams ‘Ferrari’ it is an example of copyright infringement because the company ‘Ferrari’ has protected their brand identity from being used by any other except themselves.This is why we cannot use any real brands or F1 race car names in our own games. Games such as Fifa do incorperate real football teams, this is because they pay a large amount of money in order for them to advertise their real-life brands such as Chelsea.



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