Fuel Gauge HUD Illustrator



When creating these fuel gauge icons, I used the colour scheme that I had made as a guide for the colours, (using the eyedropper tool). I realised that the second and third blue are very similar in saturation and colour. This makes it indistinguishable as it is a dark colour already. Therefore it is hard to read from a distance amongst the other logos on the screen.

I will have to change my chosen colour scheme to something lighter. I made this design using illustrator and the pen tool in-particular. I used a grid to help with the sizing and accuracy.

I’m finding that with my fuel gauges they are hard to read as they do not have any numbers to let the user know what the purpose is of the icon. This gave me an idea to use this icon as the fuel gauge and to use a gradient to show how much ‘fuel’ there is using a colour to show that.



Screen Shot 2016-01-29 at 16.39.51.png







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