Video Game HUD Research

Split Second

This interface uses a simplified approachcar1, as the interface is closer together along the bottom of the screen. The lap position and players score is one of the functions there. As the player is in last place the 8th is in a red colour to show that they could be eliminated if they do not progress to a higher position. The bar in blue shows how much energy they have left to use as a power up. There are ‘way-finding’ arrows showing the direction of the track, which is in place of a track map on the interface.The positioning of the interface takes up a small amount of the screen, this allows there to be more of the screen to be optimized by the race.

Midnight City Los Angeles


This interface is quite simple as it uses a track map, with a way-finding arrow directing the player to the next mission or to complete the race. It also features an analog speedometer of the car and a digital representation of its speed next to it. Underneath this is the street name that the player is on to give a sense of reality to the game.

Test Drive Unlimited


The interface occupies the left and right sides of the screen. On the left side shows the track map and the amount of track completed that is colored in green, and the amount left to do is in red. This shows how much track is left to complete as well as the amount of time that is left needed to complete the game. There is also a speedometer that occupies the right side of the screen that shows the speed at which the player is going at. The positioning of the interface is peculiar as the icons are not positioned equally and are not at the actual corners of the screen but slightly towards the center of the screen. The boost icon is not in the top right-hand corner either, which makes the view feel that there should be another HUD occupying the top left-hand corner. In my HUD the icons will be positioned equally around the screen occupying the outer corners so that more space can be seen and occupied by the player and gameplay.

Need for Speed:Most Wanted

maxresdefaultIn this console game, this interface is considerably more in-depth than some of the other games as there are multiple  features on the interface. In the left hand corner there is an in-depth track map that shows the user the route, and what street the user is on. This is placed in the left hand corner so the user can keep an eye on the route easily, as its display is big enough to see when not looking directly at it. There is a time gauge, that displays how much time the player has left to get to the checkpoint which is also shown on the interface. The position of the player and the distance that is left to complete is shown in the upper left hand corner.  In the other corner is a acceleration gauge that shows the rate at which the driver is going at. There is also a numeric representation of the speed.

outrun-2006-coast-2-coast-20060515014418490Outrun 2006 Coast 2 Coast

This game uses a more numeric approach to this interface. The time score uses a bold and bigger number size in the middle of the screen as to show the player if they need to hurry up to the finish line. The speedometer uses a pointer to show the speed at which the player is going. There is a score icon, which is useful in showing the player how much points they have earned and if they need to get any more to get a bonus or prize, this helps the player speed up and to keep playing the game. The icons on this screen are clear to the user as they are placed out on the screen in an easy-to-read manner.

Need for Speed : Underground 

This game uses only 3 areas of the screen in terms of interface designs. This is so the player can have more of the screen clear and to allow them to see more of the virtual race. The colour scheme uses the three primary colours (red, blue and yellow). The icons themselves are all consistent with having the same font. The icons use a spherical shape to show the element of speed and also to make it look appealing to the younger target audience. I feel that the use of using italics makes the interface look outdated as in addition with the font it does not look as clean and professional as it could have been.



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