A brand is collectively selling a product with the use of a name, logo, slogan or sentence to promote the product . The company is often referred to as the brand, e.g. the brand ‘Nike’ uses its tick logo along with the slogan ‘just do it’ to promote the product, the brand is all of these elements collectively as it helps sell and promote the product.  A brand identity is important because it helps sell the product and helps gain audience recognition. Making the identity recognisable helps sell the product and thus gain popularity; the only way a product will sell is through popularity and appealability to the target audience. An audience of adults will tend not to buy brightly coloured products with characters on them, however children will be attracted to them.

The history and development of Cadbury’s.

LIGHTBOX_IMAGE_0000_1_JOHN-CADBURY.pngCadbury’s was first established in 1824 in Birmingham, by John Cadbury. He opened a grocery shop selling cocoa and drinking chocolate.

In 1842 Cadbury expands it’s products to multiple chocolate varieties such as granulated chocolate, and Spanish chocolate. In 1875 the first milk chocolate bar is made using milk. This technique was new to the history of a chocolate bar. In 1879 Dairy Milk is launched. In 1920 the packaging turns purple, which is the classic, well-known design we know today.

Cadbury’s brand’s key values:

  • Universally appealing to all ages such as children and also adults.
  • Good Quality & Affordable- best quality chocolate and products for all ages at the best affordable price.
  • Well trusted brand due to family audience and great as a gift or special occasion.

The logo

Cadbury’s logo itself is white- symbolic of milk which is an ingredient in Chocolate which is what the brand primarily sells. The letterform that the ‘C’ is used in is representative of the look that milk has once it has been stirred in chocolate; this is also promoting their brand of hot chocolate powder. The purple in the logo represents quality and richness, this represents the quality and richness of their chocolate. The brand is also aimed at adults so the dark purple is attractive to the older spectrum of the target audience.


Recently, Dairy Milk has changed its packaging from a straight-edged rectangle to a rounder, softer edge. The new packaging features an easy re-close along with a QR code on the back of the wrapper. There are lighter colours that features on the packaging which is to be distinguishable from other brands, but to also appeal to children more as children are more attracted to brighter, happier colours. The custom changes to the typography on the ‘i’ and the ‘k’ also appeals to children but helps promote each ‘personality’ or flavour of each flavour.


Cadbury is known for it’s innovative and strange advertisements to help promote the brand. In past years the gorilla playing the drums to Phil Collins ‘In the air tonight’ went viral and even thought the gorilla had no connection to the brand, the purple and white walls in the background make a subtle nod to the company. The reason people still recall this advert in particular is because it was very strange and therefore stuck out from other adverts.




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