Final Sound Loop 01 Audio

Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 10.05.24.png

I tried to incorperate the use of stereo sound and varying the volume level to get a sense of depth and atmosphere to the sound. In this loop I tried to create the impression of a bystander getting hit, in the middle of the loop a faint ‘ouch’ can be heard following a crash. This loop is quite hectic, which is what I aimed to give the impression of. There are many tracks overlapping each other; I wanted to show the busy atmosphere of the track and the streets of London by using multiple car tracks, and to show the crowded atmosphere of the track as there could be many other cars racing alongside the main player. The element of placing many tracks of cars helps create a setting during the day.

If I had another chance to make this loop again I would use a different music track as the one I made is perhaps to high of a tempo and could create a better atmosphere if it was slightly slower; it may also be better if I had made this audio loop slightly longer in minutes so I would not have to repeat it many times, to make the instrumental more consistent.

Credits: These are the sound files that I have made and the other files I got from

Asheer’s song.mp3- I created this loop using

Voice0002 44100 1.wav-My own recording of passing cars on Richmond Road


52906 vlammenos_police-siren 44100.wav

104926_rutgermuller_tires-squeaking 44100 1.wav





180156_klanbeeld_traffic-horns-city-nervous-busy 44100 1.wav

181071_dwareing_helicopter1 44100.wav


32482_adam-n_crowd-cheer 44100 1.wav

209767_johnnyfarmer_car-passing (1) 44100 1.wav




52906_vlammenos_police-siren 44100 1.wav












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