Interface Desgins- Experimenting sizing and scale



These sets of visuals are to show the placing and overall look of my own HUD that I have created. By creating these, they allow me to adjust the placing or size of the individual icons itself. I have included start lights, checkpoint, speedometer,fuel gauge, way-finding arrows, time, placing, lap, and the map route. These visuals will also help me with the colouring I decide to use too, as I can tell which icons work well together and those that do not.












This set of icons are closer to the final design for my HUD.  These are roughly the icons that I will be using in my final placing. By doing these experiments it allows me to see the overall effect of the HUD, in this case the speedometer’s numbers are too close together to be seen clearly. I will keep this in mind when I improve my design to something more clearer and readable to the reader; perhaps I will include a more spherical design for the speedometer. The ‘Lap’ design will need to be extended to the same width as the ‘time’ and ‘position’ design. The traffic lights may also need a new indication to make themselves more recognisable as traffic lights. The map and checkpoint need to be the same width as the path-finding arrow and traffic lights to help create a sense of organisation and professionalism. I will also need to fill in the ‘2’ and add a ‘ND’ to allow the player to recognise what position they are in the race without any confusion.







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