Viral Campaigns- Warburtons Brief

1.Bus Shelter – Pepsi Max 

This advert is successful because it plays a practical joke on the general public  it uses genuine peoples reactions, which create a humorous atmosphere . The advert does not directly advertise Pepsi which is another factor as to why the advert was shared so many times.


2.Telekinetic Coffe Shop Surprise- Carrie Movie Advert

This advert takes place in a coffee shop, where a practical joke is played where a young female supposedly has ‘Telekinetic Powers’. The joke did not use CGI but uses hidden rigs that create a ‘realistic impression’ of the powers that this person has. This makes the bystanders’s expressions more plausible. The movie that is being advertised is the remake of Carrie. This advert is what made me go and watch the movie in the cinema.


3.Gorilla playing drums- Cadbury

This advert is weird which is why it sticks out amongst other viral campaigns and also the fact that the gorilla has no connection to dairy milk/chocolate is what helps get the advert shared and to thus gain popularity.


4.Christmas Advert 2014- Sainsbury’s

The christmas advert from Sainsbury’s 2014 uses product placement in a historical setting. This advert was shared many times because some of the viewers were not happy that the advert was promoting a supermarket while the advert was based on the real events during WW1. Some people thought the advert should have advertised a charity or something well suited to the genre of the advert. The key to this adverts’s popularity was that it had a divided opinion and therefore got people talking .


5.Flash Mob- T-Mobile

The advert for T-mobile is one that is remembered because the flash mob has no connection to the phone company, and that this advert was done in London where there was a big audience to start with e.g. people walking by which already created a following of the advert to begin with. The thing with this advert is that it can be cut shorter for a TV or Cinema advert or can be extended for a Youtube clip. This allows more mediums of sharing as it can reach different audiences e.g. Those who do not watch TV.


6.Compare the Meerkat- Compare the Market

The Compare the Meerkat adverts are widely popular due to the interesting characters of the two Meerkats which are personified as real humans e.g. the meerkats trying to loose weight  and thus people feel connected to them as it is a subject that is relevant nowadays. The name Compare the Meerkat is useful as the company that the advert is promoting is Compare the Market, so the slogan becomes memorable.


7.So Real it’s Scary- LG

This advert is promoting LG, and also features a practical joke on the general public. The adverts includes an element of humour which helps the advert be memorable.


8.The Pony- Three

The dancing horse is an advert for the mobile service company Three. The horse has no connection to the mobile company, but it is unique advert that is remembered because it is innovative and has a humour element that helps it stick in peoples minds and therefore be shared.


9.Rollercoaster – Specsavers over 60

This is a Specsavers advert that is advertising eye tests for over 60’s. This is an effective advert as it is humorous and is unique in the way that it has not been seen in adverts before.


10.Evolution of Music-Pentatonix

The  groups medley of songs are effective in advertising Pentatonix as it makes them unique and advertises their new EP. The songs advertise all genres and ages, therefore making their audience more accessible, the songs also begin from the 11th Century which is something that make this medley so unique aside from the fact that they are an Acapella group.


11.Civil War Trailer – Captain America 

This is the third instalment of the Captain America Series, that includes a large cast all from the previous movies. This appeals to the target audience as the previous movies have been leading up to this moment so people are eager as to where the plot will go. The trailer also ends on on a cliffhanger moment to show two of the Avengers turn on each other which is something that comic book movies rarely do which makes this movie stand out from others.







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