Famous People/Things associated with Bolton/Lancashire

People who are from Bolton/Lancashire

Jenna Coleman


Jenna Coleman is an actress, who is best known for her role as Clara Oswald from Doctor Who from 2012-2015 and also playing Jasmine Thomas in Emmerdale from 2005-2009. She will be playing the role of a young Queen Victoria in the itv series Victoria later this year. She was born in Blackpool,Lancashire.

Sir Ian McKellen

ian-mckellen-sherlock.jpgSir Ian McKellen was born in Burnley,Lancashire and is an actor, who has starred in the award-winning franchises The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings trilogy, playing the role of Gandalf in both. He also plays the role of Magneto in the X-Men franchise. Among other roles McKellen has starred in many theatre productions such as Macbeth.


Sara Cox









Sarah Cox is an English presenter that is best known for presenting the Radio 1 Breakfast Show from 2000-2003. She was born in Bolton.

Vernon Kay









Vernon Kay was born in Bolton, he is a tv presenter and has presented shows such as All Star Family Fortunes and Splash!. He has also presented BBC Radio 1 in  2004-2010.

Danny Jones










Danny Jones was born in Bolton. He is an English Musician who was once the lead band member in Mcfly and now is a member of the McBusted band.


Maxine Peake


Maxine Peake was born in Westhoughton, Bolton. She is an english actress who is best known for her role as Martha Costello in the TV series Silk. She has also featured in The Theory of Everything. 


Peter Kay


Peter Kay is an actor and comedian, who was born in Lancashire. He has been in an episode of Doctor Who, Coronation Street and Wallace and Gromit : The Curse of the Were-Rabbit.


Christopher Eccelston 


Christopher Eccelston was born in Salford in Lancashire. He is well-known for his role as playing the 9th Doctor in Doctor Who.


Bernard Cribbins


Bernard Cribbins was born in Oldham, Lancashire. He is an actor who has starred in Faulty Towers, Coronation Street, Midsummer Murders and also Doctor Who playing the role of Wilfred Mott.





Hall in the Wood Manor In Lancashire 



Bolton Castle

Castle Bolton.jpg


An old photograph of the Bolton Town Hall



An elephant sculpture featured in the Town centre of Bolton.



Gateway Bridge in Bolton



Bolton Shown on the map.


Bolton Wanderers-Football Team.


All Souls’s Church in Bolton

Stained glass window from All Soul's Church, Bolton, Lancashire


Bolton Market Hall


Bolton Council Logo

Bolton Abbey 


Bolton Museum


Bolton Abbey Station


Bolton Church of the Holy Trinity  



Bolton University 



Bolton Castle Maze



An old photograph of the Town Hall in Lancashire

Lancashire, Manchester Town Hall.jpg


Lancashire Flag


Town Hall in Lancashire 



Lancashire Landscape


Blackpool Tower in Lancashire




Singing Ringing Tree- A landmark featured in Lancashire 



‘The Man and the Scythe’ is a pub in Bolton, built in 1251, it is one of the oldest pubs in the UK

bolton-ye-olde-man-and-scythe-pub-176160875.jpgWith a population of 260,000 people, it makes bolton the largest town in Britain.

Bolton has one of the oldest pubs in the UK,  ‘The Man and the Scythe’ as it was built in 1251

It is 10 miles North West of Manchester


Waterloo Road was produced in Manchester Studios, and was also filmed in Manchester.











































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