Car Interface Planning

Week 1- Begin researching existing car game interfaces

Week 2- Continue research on existing car game interfaces

Week 3- Research real car dashboards and collect real symbols/icons that are used in real-life cars.

Week 4-Research brand identity and copyright law

Week 5- Start coming up with your own ideas for symbols and icons that will eventually be used in your own work in your sketchbook with annotations.

Week 6- continue with own ideas and keep annotating your work.

Week 7- select the chosen icons that you will use for your own work and create them digitally, using the relevant software.

Week 8- continue creating your chosen icons on the relevant software e.g Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator, start to digitally create the 3 brand logos and colour schemes.

Week 9- Start Finishing up the digital icons using Photoshop or Illustrator.

Week 10- Choose the final designs for each of the HUD categories such as speedometer.

Week 11- Refine and build upon the final designs.

Week 12- Finish final designs, and also finish the colour schemes, names and logos for the 3 race teams.

Week 13-Experiment with sizing and positions of the different icons to show what the overall outcome will be.

Week 14- Keep experimenting with  the placement of the icons and annotate them.

Week 15- Finalise sizing and positions of the interface icons, begin evaluation.

Week 16-Finish Evaluation, finish HUD as a whole.



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