Architecture Buildings for Posters Research

The RIAS Festival of Architecture is an award given to the architecture of Scotland, of which informs the public of the economical and environmental benefits of having good architecture. The festival encourages re -using historical buildings and redundant buildings  (the use of sustainable architecture), and encourages using traditional materials and skills in the process.

The following are famous architectural buildings in Scotland that have a key influence in Scotland’s architecture in recent years, which I will use as my final designs:

Scottish Parliament BuildingTo use this building on the RIAS poster would attract a large majority of people to the festival because the parliament building is a well recognized and has a very poignant design which links to post-modernism. The outside of this building is very unique and has a bold design. Therefore it is very recognisable and is innately Scottish. The windows that I may use in my design are part of the MSP building.








Maggie’s Lanarkshire, Airdrie– This building won the RIAS 2015 award for allowing the visitors to relax from the ‘clinical atmosphere and built form of the nearby hospital.’ This building features a innovative design. It would be wise to use a building of an existing winner of the RIAS award, to advertise the building itself and therefore how the RIAS award can benefit the general public such as this building allows people to relax as the ‘clinical atmosphere’ can be overwhelming.



Glasgow TowerThe Glasgow tower has a very individual design that would attract the target audience of people who are interested in architecture but also people who may have not heard of the festival before because of the design of the tower attracted them . It is intriguing to the eye and therefore someone would perhaps like to enquire further.


Forth Bridge many people cross this bridge on a daily basis. Including this structure on the RIAS poster would attract perhaps the most people as this structure is used daily and therefore can reach the wider audience.The design of this bridge is also very unique and has a unique design to its build. Forth Bridge is a famous landmark in Scotland, and is a tourist attraction. Featuring this as a poster can ensure that there is a wider audience from outside of Scotland,which can increase the amount of visitors visiting the RIAS festival.

forth bridge piers









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